Absolution presents the 11 hour Goth livestream featuring 8 international DJs and exclusive live performances.

The Red Moon Macabre

Suffering for Kisses

DJ Jason (alchemy, visitation ~ usa)
DJ Lady Davinia (reptile ~ england)
DJ Lord Fer (el real under ~ mexico)
DJ Xtine (ny witches ball ~ usa)
DJ Plaguelustre (savage logic ~ usa)
DJ Maria Almayer (sunglasses after dark ~ russia)
DJ Christian Hyde (el real under ~ mexico)
DJ Mange (resurrection ~ usa)

The event begins at 4pm.
The exact time schedule in Eastern time:

4 DJ Lord Fer

6 Suffering For Kisses

6:10 DJ Lady Davinia

8:10 The Red Moon Macabre

8:30 DJ Christian Hyde

9:30 DJ Plaguelustre

10:30 DJ Maria Almayer

11:30 DJ Mange

12:30 DJ Xtine

1:30 DJ Jason

2:30 band replay for both earlier performances

Here is the channel link: