Our friend, DJ Taiki passed away on March 21st of 2022 of lung cancer. Being from Osaka, he was Japan’s most prominent DJ/Promoter within their goth industrial scene. He created a great and long running club night called Black Veil and an Occult book store, Territory, as well having involvement in many other notable accomplishments both in Japan and across the globe. Taiki had participated as a special guest DJ at Absolution in NYC, as well as visiting Alchemy, Albion/Batcave and Sundown. Taiki was a great host and entertainer to DJ Jason during his visit to Osaka and Club Neo and he will not be forgotten. Losing Taiki is a great blow to the global goth movement and to goth industrial and occult culture everywhere.

Taiki started his musical activity in 1982, and was later the vocalist in the 1984 hardcore punk band ‘Freedom’, that released EP ‘Last Revolution’ from AA Records.

After that, in a new attempt, he launched a live event ‘Omen of Evil’ which summarized the underground scene and a unique unit ‘Diabolic Art’ which combined western magic and ambient noise.  Innovative projects beyond genres by various artists across the country have since become a topic.

Based on his unique view of music activities, the Occult/Satanic shop Territory was launched in 1996 and it built a unique occult world that was seen around the whole globe.

Over time, he started the gothic night ‘Black Veil’ based in Osaka (from 2000).  This was a great part of his career as a DJ and Promoter.  Many overseas artists (Hocico, Siva Six, Combichrist, Cinema Strange, Das Ich, Voltaire, Ayria, Opera Macabre, Specyrum-X etc) were invited to perform in Japan and have since became some of the new pioneers of the current Japanese Gothic Industrial scene.  At the same time as Black Veil, he opened a Gothic Music bar ‘Sabbat’.

In the early 2000s, Taiki was a special guest DJ at Absolution in NYC. He was the first Japanese DJ to be a part of NYC’s favorite goth scene event.

In 2002, he made the black metal world’s heavyweight ‘Dark Funeral’ performance a reality.

Taiki had a very successful Black Veil in London on 2002 June 6th.

Taiki served as a DJ and a priest of the Black Mass as a main guest at the gothic event held at the Christ Church in New York City on June 6th 2006, and he was invited to the Dark Christmas Night held in Greece.

In addition to Diabolic Art in band activities in 2010, Taiki performed as the vocal of Japan’s Doom/Sludge metal band ‘Corrupted’. Taiki got great praise for his live performances.

DJ Taiki at Club Neo during Black Veil

In 2012, the international charisma unit ‘Juno Recator’ which was in the soundtrack of the movie ‘Matrix’ announced Taiki as the opening main DJ for the Osaka performance.

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