Absolution is very proud to announce that the next special livestream will have an exclusive new performance from the legendary goth band IKON. IKON have been a driving force within the top levels of Goth since the very start of the 90s and they continue to put out fantastic great new material. Look forward to a variety of IKON songs and a good length set from this stellar band. One of the finest new bands, Les Long Adieux, will be opening for them… and, as usual, there will be a mix of great international goth DJs throughout the day and night!


Les Longs Adieux

DJ Jason (alchemy, visitation ~ usa)
DJ Lady Davinia (reptile ~ england)
DJ Jenny Stillman (el real under ~ mexico)
DJ Xtine (ny witches ball ~ usa)
DJ Plaguelustre (savage logic ~ usa)
DJ Lord A (fangxtasy – brazil)

Here is the channel link:

The event begins at 4pm.
The exact time schedule in Eastern time:

4:00pm Lady Davinia

6:00pm Les Longs Adieux

6:20pm Jenny Stillman

8:00pm Ikon

8:40pm Plaguelustre

10:20pm Lord A

11:30pm Xtine

1:30- Jason

and the replay of both bands!

all times are approximate and in Eastern Time…