Dark Malta Festival 2022 Review by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Dark Malta Festival 2022… April 22nd to April 24th… Review by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Dark Malta… A new goth/industrial/metal festival comes to life for the first time in the middle of the mediterranean back in 2018, pre-covid days in Malta. The only event of its kind on this sunny island founded by Rene Hades Farrugia of Hades Management and co-owner of the live venue ‘The Garage’. A man which one could say is the heart and soul of the Maltese underground scene.. A small but thriving scene…

Dark Malta… Located in the fantastic ‘Gianpula Main Room’ which is part of ‘Gianpula Village’, a multi nightclub destination of Malta, situated in the centre of the island after its move from ‘Montekristo Estates’, where the first two festivals took place in 2018 and 2019, the third edition of this new and exciting goth/industrial/metal festival was welcomed with open arms by its new home.. A new home that was eagerly awaiting for three endless days of darkness with over 20 international artists.. After two years of postponing ,re-scheduling, re-organising and so on it finally was going to take place.. The stress, anxiety and doom and gloom of the wretched pandemic took a back seat while music lovers from across Europe and not only could enjoy their favourite artists on the goth/industrial/metal scene of today… It may have taken a while but it was definitely worth the wait…

Dark Malta…With a broad spectrum of old school veterans to newer dark music from Portugal’s Moonspell to the UK’s Nosferatu to London’s very own Die Kur… to the electronic power of Alien Vampires to Leather Strip to Combichrist to the industrial beats of Psideralica to the dark synthetic melodies of Germany’s Solar Fake to Italy’s Ash Code to Sweden’s Covenant… It was all here in Malta… Dark Malta… A sweet concoction of darkness to suit all tastes…

Dark Malta… It was quite unusual to see such top established bands on the goth/industrial/metal scene in such intimate but yet amphitheatre settings with a sound quality that would put many worldwide acclaimed stadiums to shame… A very warm and welcoming atmosphere which the crowd devoured every minute of til the end of each night.. No strict curfews here. Some invigorating DJ sets in between bands by international djs, including London’s Vade Retro of Reptile, kept all the all the black clad music fans content til their much anticipated artists stepped on stage…

Dark Malta… A new and upcoming goth/industrial/metal festival that will definitely go far on the international festival map and much deserved too.. Very well organised with shuttle buses picking up all the goths scattered around the island from various hotspots to the venue and back.. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen were ubiquitous during these three days of darkness… with the hundreds of visitors on this sunny island for the festival… A must for any dark music fan ( who is not too afraid of the sun ) who wants to combine a holiday, some historic culture and an amazing festival which promises much more great music to come.. An island that caters for it all… April 2023 awaits… Well done Rene to one of the best international goth/industrial/metal festivals of 2022… By Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )

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  1. Stray G.C. May 18, 2022 at 3:05 am #

    A fantastic opportunity for datk music fans around Europe to enjoy concerts and culture combined, to a destination with such rich medieval history that is not the usual tourist trap. Malta leads the way once again and hopefully other countries will eagerly follow. Thank you, Lady Davinia for this atmospheric and informative review, as always!⚰

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