Gothminister…Video Interview and Live Review…By Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Gothminister… Into the darkside… One of the greatest quintessentially dark bands to emerge on the goth/industrial/metal scene over two decades ago… Based in Oslo, Norway and fronted by Bjorn Alexander Brem, the heart and soul of Gothminister, this band has captured its fans around the globe with its perfect concoction of catchy guitar riffs and electronic beats, haunting vocals deeper than the darkest dungeon and heavenly choirs… A band classily enhanced by its superior grasp of visual aesthetics with a series of amazing music videos and outstanding live performances at some of the largest international goth/industrial/ metal  festivals on the music scene… Into the darkside…  Gothminister…

Gothminister… Into the darkside… London…UK… Thursday November 9th 2023… The Dome… Pandemonium Tour 2023… Tufnell Park’s iconic venue The Dome  opened its doors to the band’s fourth and final show in the UK on this short tour and welcomed its fans with an outstanding live performance once again… A performance that fans were anticipating since Gothminister’s last time in the UK back in 2017… Support acts Psycholies and King Satan took to the stage early on in the evening  before the stage was set with the fantastic theatrical props of Gothminister, such as a goblin like vampire skeleton microphone stand with glowing demons eyes… In this perfect setting  Bjorn made his grand  appearance with the intro ‘Aftermath’ leading into the epic opening track  ‘Pandemonium’… The show continued with a pumping atmosphere and crystal clear sound with many old and new favourites along the lines of  ‘Demons’, ‘Monsters’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Darkside’ which were enhanced by various theatrical surprises such as werewolves, monsters and zombies appearing on stage, along with Chris Milden of NFD playing additional guitar on several tracks, and a clever touch with laser light gloves on ‘Utopia’… After performing well over an hour the latest  dark gem ‘Battle Of The  Underworlds’ ended what  was a spectacular performance… Until next time… Into the darkside… Gothminister…

Gothminister… Into the darkside… London… UK… Thursday November 9th 2023… The Dome… Frontman Bjorn Alexander Brem takes the time backstage before the band’s performance to chat  about their current award winning series of videos and new album, busy days fighting for the rights of musicians and film makers and future plans… A short but intriguing interview… Into the darkside… Gothminister… By Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)…

Gothminister Setlist:

(Intro) Aftermath



Someone Is After Me

Ich Will Alles




Beauty  After Midnight


The Processtion


Taking Over

We Are The Ones Who Rule The World

I Am The Devil

The Sun

This Is Your Darkness



Dusk Till Dawn


Battle Of The Underworlds

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