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Pictures from Secret Satan 2012 at Absolution’s Through The Mirror event

Here are some pictures from Secret Satan 2012 at Absolution‘s Through The Mirror event Photograph by Aaron Sylvan ↑ Photograph of DJ Jason by Aaron Sylvan ↑       Photograph by Aaron Sylvan ↑ Photograph by Aaron Sylvan ↑ Photograph by Aaron Sylvan ↑ Photograph of the “Secret Satan Doorman” by Aaron Sylvan ↑ Photograph by Aaron Sylvan ↑

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R.I.P. DJ Reese

DJ Reese was one of the pioneers of the NYC Goth Industrial scene.  “Borne out of a desperate need for an alternative club in Manhattan”, DJ Reese, Vanessa Miasma and Craig Curiosity created Purgatory at W14th & Washington “Troublemaker” (later to become Mother nightclub) in 1990.  From Purgatory, Reese brought the same team of people  to The Pyramid for Stigmata…

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Absolution presents: INCANTATION ~ a Goth extravaganza with 5 live performances on Saturday, February 25th

Saturday, February 25th Absolution presents: Incantation – A Goth Extravaganza with 5 live performances  Ignite Violet – the devil’s music Mark Sinnis – the frontman of Ninth House performs his “cemetery and western” songs SYS2MATIK OVRLOAD – ex-Carfax Abbey – industrial, ebm, electronic from PA Alia Lorae – macabre electro rock cabaret 180° Mason – ebm, industrial, darkwave plus, Feb.…

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R.I.P. Jennifer “Miro” Anderson

R.I.P. Jennifer “Miro” Anderson Musician, model and writer, Jennifer Anderson died last month at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. She passed due to cancer. Originally from San Francisco, Jennifer moved to New York and became a long time resident of the Upper West Side where she regularly walked in the park and took photographs. Jennifer Anderson…

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Dark Waters – Alternative Festival

Dark Waters – Alternative Festival “A two-day festival involving live music and DJs that incorporate a wide variety of styles and musical influences. Celebrating the best that Nottingham has to offer as well as introducing established bands and DJs from around the UK.  The Festival is brought to you by The Nottingham Ministry of Goth…

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WGW – Whitby Gothic Weekend – Autumn 2011

Whitby Gothic Weekend is one of England’s most loved regular Gothic music festivals.  The location was picked since part of Bram Stoker’s famous vampire novel Dracula was set in Whitby.  During the festival, the tiny seaside town of Whitby hosts a large number of goths from across the globe, so you will need to secure lodging early, if…

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