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Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason .

Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason

Sonsombre are an exciting new goth band from Virginia.  Their debut album, A Funeral for the Sun, came out on September 9th.  Vocalist and musician Brandon of Sonsombre joins DJ Jason to answer some questions about his work. DJ Jason: That you are from Virginia and yet have a very European/UK sound really surprised me.  Are…

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night nail interview

Night Nail Interview by Kris Hex

  “Los Angeles & Berlin-based, darkwave & post-punk band, Night Nail, formed in 2013, and released a self-titled EP which received attention from press, college & radio, & blogs throughout the US, Europe, South America, and Australia; They recently released their newest album “LA Demons” in July 2018”on Cleopatra Records. Brandon Robert – Vocals/Guitar Michael…

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Interview with Nick Holmquist of Preachers of the neverland

Interview with Nick Holmquist by Ed Shorrock

Interview with Nick Holmquist by Ed Shorrock Nick Holmquist might be better known to many dark music lovers as Nick Vincent, front man and guitarist of the uncompromising Swedish goth rocking outfit, The Preachers of Neverland. Some might think that the story ended in 1995 when the group disbanded having released the 12” gem Autoskopia in…

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Danse Society backstage pass

Italian Magazine Interview with The Danse Society

Italian Magazine Interview with The Danse Society ‘Heaven Is Waiting’ by THE DANSE SOCIETY  ~ Questions for Paul Gilmartin Arrangements with Absolution.NYC and special facilitations for Paul Gilmartin by Ed Shorrock. This interview first appeared in Ascension Magazine and had been translated into Italian for their readers.   It is with the kind permissions of Ascension Magazine…

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Orations Wych Elm Press Picture 2

Interview with Orations

Interview with Orations by DJ Delchi  Arrangements for the interview by DJ Jason DJ Delchi: First off it’s refreshing to hear new Gothic music that is rooted in the classic sounds of the genre. The instrumentation and mixing bring back a lot of good memories, with new material. Was this a goal of the band,…

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Sweet Ermengarde interview banner Ed Shorrock

Sweet Ermengarde interview by Ed Shorrock

Sweet Ermengarde interview by Ed Shorrock   Sweet Ermengarde exploded onto the scene with their first album, Raynham Hall, which included tracks that are bound to become classics in the canon of goth rock such as the deeply powerful ‘A Promise to Fulfill’.  They have followed it up with their recently released, critically acclaimed second…

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Robert Cowlin Interview by Marc Vanderberg

Interview with Robert Cowlin by Marc Vanderberg

Interview with Robert Cowlin (Singer of Terminal Gods) by Marc Vanderberg Robert Cowlin, born in 1990, is the lead singer of London based band `Terminal Gods`. Singing in baritone (always), hiring Dr. Avalanches’ grandson on drums (always), and wearing shades (sometimes) might remind some people of another British band. But if you listen to `Terminal…

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Ash Code band Press Photo

Interview with Ash Code

Ash Code Interview by Kris Hex (arrangements for the interview made by DJ Jason) “Hailing from Italy, this dark trio combine the best of dark synth, darkwave and the more eerie varieties of electro to bring something unique ina musical landscape otherwise overrun with mindless pop, musicians that don’t write their own songs and social…

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13th Sky 2

Interview with 13th Sky

Interview with 13th Sky by Kris Hex “Hailing from West Hollywood, CA, 13th Sky have influences ranging from the Dead Boys to Christian Death back around to early Californian punk. They’ve played multiple shows in their home state, Mexico as well as gigs in Texas, and Nola. They’ve got something to say.”      For starters,…

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