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Daughters of Bristol

Interview with The Daughters of Bristol

The Daughters of Bristol ~ Interview by Kris Prudhomme ~Arrangement for the Interview by DJ Jason~ Ok guys, for starters, would you like to introduce yourselves to readers just now getting into your music? Joseph – I am more than just a voice for the band. I play different instruments and often use different ones to lead…

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Interview with Lestat

  Interview with Lestat by Kris Prudhomme ~Accommodations and scheduling for the Interview created by DJ Jason~ Hello Evan, how are you doing today? Mind doing a bit of an intro for the band for readers outside the goth scene? We’ve got a diverse readership here so it’s a good chance to get those who may not…

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Interview with Terminal Gods

Interview With Terminal Gods by Kris Prudhomme ~Accommodations and scheduling for the Interview created by DJ Jason~ Hello guys! Would you mind starting off by introducing yourselves to the readers? I’m Robert Maisey, lead guitarist from Terminal Gods. I live with Josh, our rhythm guitarist, in a flat above a chip shop in North London.…

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Interview with the Secret Post

The Secret Post Interview by Kris Prudhomme    Alright for starters guys, mind introduce yourselves to people who might not be familiar with the band’s music? We are The Secret Post. Zachariah (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Tim Synth(synths), Nicoli (drums), and M(bass guitar). We are a post-punk/post alternative band from Oklahoma.  Zachariah, I remember talking with you…

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Interview with Pretentious Moi?

Pretentious Moi? Interview by Kris Prudhomme  Ok for starters, you guys mind telling us a bit about yourselves for the Americans reading this? C: My name is Christian, I live in South London and I play most of the guitar parts that involve twiddling and switching. M: My name is Matt, I also live in South…

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Absolution-NYC-Goth-Club-Interview-AndiSexGang-Lucie Jansch.jpg

Interview with Andi Sex Gang

Interview with Andi Sex Gang by Kris Prudhomme   Andi Sex Interview by Kris Prudhomme 1-13-2014 Hello Andi, to start off, how have you been? I am bored with rock n’ roll, it has become obsolete.. shoot down those fuckers who live in the past..there is no time for self indulgent fantasies now, there is no room…

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