Alchemy Gothic Mondays

For almost 10 years, Alchemy was held in CBGB’s 313 Gallery every Monday with DJ Jason spinning purely Gothic music (no VNV, Depeche Mode, the Smiths …etc.). It remained popular and unchanged in format from 1996 to 2006. Unlike most club nights, Alchemy ended due to a relationship breakup between the 2 promoters and not…

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DJ Patrick Bio

A well known DJ, DJ Patrick comes from a tradition of NYC pure goth DJs who include, DJ David, DJ Scandal, DJ Vanessa before him and DJ Daniel, DJ Jason and DJ Charlie the Slut after him. Impressively, DJ Patrick has a very long history of working for promoters on Saturdays in NYC.  DJ Patrick was mostly used…

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DJ Daniel – Bio

DJ Daniel is best known for his many years doing the Exedor Saturday party (1992-1999) at The BANK. Dale and Laura’s Exedor party was the longest running Saturday party at that venue.

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Weep show

Saturday, February 19th Weep plays live Eric Hammer of NYC’s Gothic Rock legends Requiem in White and Mors Syphilitica fronts this Projekt signed act. Also, DJ Andy Rourke of The Smiths will be spinning. 9 Great Jones Street, New York City

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