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Ghosting Interview banner Absolution DJ Jason

Interview with Ghosting by DJ Jason

-Interview with Sascha T. of Ghosting- by DJ Jason DJ Jason: Everyone has been wondering for years, what have you been doing since 2004 when you left the music world? Also, have you done anything with music in secret since 2004? Sascha: I’ve always been having these two hearts beating within me: one for the…

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The Nightchild interview for Absolution NYC

Interview with The Nightchild by Alex Von Nihil

Olexiy Nikitchenko of the Ukrainian goth band, The Nightchild, is interviewed by Alex Von Nihil Alex: What influences your lyrical themes? Olexiy: Oh, there are many things, which influence the lyrics of the Nightchild. The main theme is the vampires. I draw inspiration from the movies, books, and the games dedicated to them. Many songs…

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Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason .

Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason

Sonsombre are an exciting new goth band from Virginia.  Their debut album, A Funeral for the Sun, came out on September 9th.  Vocalist and musician Brandon of Sonsombre joins DJ Jason to answer some questions about his work. DJ Jason: That you are from Virginia and yet have a very European/UK sound really surprised me.  Are…

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night nail interview

Night Nail Interview by Kris Hex

  “Los Angeles & Berlin-based, darkwave & post-punk band, Night Nail, formed in 2013, and released a self-titled EP which received attention from press, college & radio, & blogs throughout the US, Europe, South America, and Australia; They recently released their newest album “LA Demons” in July 2018”on Cleopatra Records. Brandon Robert – Vocals/Guitar Michael…

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Direct Attack Pic 2

Interview with Direct Attack

Direct Attack Interview by Kris Hex “Hailing from New Orleans LA, Direct Attack bring a vintage post punk and goth sound to the Big Easy with guitar reminiscent of early Christian Death meeting NYC acts Of A Mesh with a bit of Ex Voto thrown in for good measure. “ 1) Ok for starters, mind…

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Bloodsucking Mallory interview1

Interview with Bloodsucking Mallory

Bloodsucking Mallory Interview by Kris Hex Arrangement for the Interview by DJ Jason “Millionaire heiress Mallory Murdock was killed in a little town nearly Ford Harris by a gang of some creepy pigs and criminals. They betrayed and killed her in a cruel murder. After that they left her dead in a dark cellar. That is where…

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Absolution presents: DJ Xtine’s Birthday Ball at Through The Mirror on Saturday, September 14th

Hello all of you, it’s that time once again….to celebrate with all the other Virgos out there, our Fall Birthdays!!! Welcome Fall!!!!!! ♥♥♥ DJ XTINE  and special guest DJ ZOMBIE KITTY spin Goth, Industrial, 80s Retro-Alternative, Synthpop, Punk, etc…. BARTENDRIX GODDESS KITTY Serves the Masses! Door Host MICHAEL STRANGER swoons the Ladies! A 2nd Happy Birthday…

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Absolution-NYC-Goth-Club-Flyer-AtlantisDec302011 copy

Atlantis with a record release party for Deathcamp Project on Friday, December 30th

Friday, December 30th Absolution presents: Atlantis   DJ Jason (Alchemy, Albion, The Bank, Albion/Batcave, Wasteland, Long Black Veil, Sundown, Communion, Incantation…etc. spinning purely Goth DJ Xtine (Shadowlands, Signal @ The Bank, Signal @ The Pyramid, Flesh Theatre, Lust, Cat o’ Nine, Avalon …etc.) spinning the best goth as well as some new wave, punk, 80′s, electro, industrial and death rock! The Official NYC CD Record Release Party for Painthings by…

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Absolution presents: INCANTATION – 6 Live Shows – Necromantic Sunshine, Jenn Vix, Whispers of the Sparrows, X Pun X, Head Trip Conception & Jøb on Saturday, December 3rd

  Saturday, December 3rd Absolution presents: Incantation 6 live performances for NYC’s Goth scene Necromantik Sunshine – The first show in 6 years by these Gothic Legends known for their Cleopatra Recordings. Jenn Vix – Dark Electronic Rock from R.I. Whispers of the Sparrows – Original Goth from NYC Head Trip Conception – Synthpop Industrial from NYC X Pun…

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