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Absolution ~ 11 hour Goth livestream ~ with exclusive performances by Raven Said, Whispers of the Sparrows & Come to Ruin

Absolution, NYC’s original multi-DJ Goth event, brings you an 11 hour video livestream with great Goth DJs and exclusive performances by: Raven Said (Ekaterinburg City, Russia) Whispers of the Sparrows (New York, US)Come to Ruin (New Orleans, US)&An Exclusive Surprise Video Premiere (courtesy of DJ Lady Davinia) plus, Goth DJs: DJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Wasteland,…

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Absolution ~ 11 hour Goth livestream ~ featuring exclusive performances by Love The Ghost and Les Longs Adieux on Friday, April 2nd

On Friday April 2nd, Absolution, NYC’s original multi-DJ Goth event, brings you an 11 hour video livestream with great Goth DJ sets and exclusive performances by: Love The Ghost&Les Longs Adieux DJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Wasteland, LBV, Communion, etc) will be joined by:DJ Vade Retro (Reptile ~ London, England)DJ Christian Hyde (El Real Under ~ Mexico City)DJ Xtine (Evil…

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Interview with Bleib Modern by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)

Interview with Bleib Modern by Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)…. Bleib Modern… One of Germany’s newest contemporary acts on the dark/alternative/ post-punk scene… Bleib Modern… The Berlin boys give a brief insight on what they are all about… Bleib Modern… By Tzina Dovve (DJ Lady Davinia)… Tzina: Bleib Modern is a relatively new act to…

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Interview with Cerulean Veins by Tzina Dovve

Cerulean Veins interview by Tzina Dovve. Cerulean Veins… Turn the radio on… And turn the lights out… San Diego’s very own dark/goth act… …A haunting insight into the world of Cerulean Veins… By Tzina Dovve… Tzina Dovve: Cerulean Veins are one of the newer acts to have emerged on the dark/goth scene during the last…

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Interview with Ground Nero by Tzina Dovve

photograph by Luc Luyten / Who Cares ~arrangements for the interview by Tzina Dovve for Absolution.NYC~ Tzina Dovve Tzina: As l understand Ground Nero have been active since 2015. How was the band formed and what is the current line-up? As for many bands, the beginning was a little difficult, as Nomad was looking for…

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Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason

Hello Brandon, thanks for sitting down with us and answering another round of questions for this 2nd interview with Absolution. The new album, The Veils of Ending, has to be the best new American goth album in a very long time. It’s been fantastic watching Sonsombre catch on with new people everywhere. How does it feel…

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Ghosting Interview banner Absolution DJ Jason

Interview with Ghosting by DJ Jason

-Interview with Sascha T. of Ghosting- by DJ Jason DJ Jason: Everyone has been wondering for years, what have you been doing since 2004 when you left the music world? Also, have you done anything with music in secret since 2004? Sascha: I’ve always been having these two hearts beating within me: one for the…

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