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MICK MERCER RADIO Broadcast ~an international perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios~ Live Every Sunday night/evening 10pm, UK time. (in NYC and rest of the east coast of the USA, it’s on at 5pm) “I treat my show like a modern magazine, so there’ll be tracks from new albums, EPs and downloads, with…

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Incantation ~ 6 live shows ~ June 16th

Saturday, June 16th ~ 6 great live shows! Incantation ~ Saturday Goth night Spectacular ~ NYC’s Goth-Festival style event! Whispers of the Sparrows ~ Original Goth Virus Cycle from Boston, MA ~ Post Apocalyptic Industrial Zombie Tech Skeletal Life ~ Horror Punk band Blkvampires ~ Hard Alternative Soul Gothic Band Mark Sinnis  ~ Cemetery & Western (lead singer of…

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Absolution presents: INCANTATION ~ a Goth extravaganza with 5 live performances on Saturday, February 25th

Saturday, February 25th Absolution presents: Incantation – A Goth Extravaganza with 5 live performances  Ignite Violet – the devil’s music Mark Sinnis – the frontman of Ninth House performs his “cemetery and western” songs SYS2MATIK OVRLOAD – ex-Carfax Abbey – industrial, ebm, electronic from PA Alia Lorae – macabre electro rock cabaret 180° Mason – ebm, industrial, darkwave plus, Feb.…

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April Fool’s Ball crowd pictures by Photographer Aaron C. Sylvan

The April Fool’s Ball featured several goth / industrial bands, including Nekronet, Mark Sinnis, Daegona & Whispers of the Sparrows.  DJ Jason and DJ Xtine spun between shows and for the dancing portion of the event afterwards.  Photographer Aaron C. Sylvan took pictures of Whispers of the Sparrows and Nekronet for Absolution.  Here are pictures of some of the people that came to the…

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Free Show by Ninth House

Saturday, April 30 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm Free outdoor show by Cemetery & Western band, Ninth House. Ninth House play 2 sets starting at 6pm. There will be a Carnival also. Putnam Valley Town Park, 162 Oscawana Lake Rd.  Putnam Valley, NY  

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Atlantis – Goth Industrial Wave and Synthpop Dance Nights

Atlantis – Goth, Industrial, Wave and Synthpop Dance Nights are every Friday night in NYC March 11th – Guest DJ Ian FFord (albion/batcave’s mainfloor) plus DJ Xtine (lust) and DJ Jason (alchemy) March 18th – Guest DJ Avi (E-Craft show, Nation, Adulterate), plus DJ Xtine (lust) and DJ Jason (alchemy) March 25th – DJ Xtine (lust, signal,…

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Absolution presents The April Fool’s Ball

Friday, April 1st Absolution presents The April Fool’s Ball DJ Jason & DJ Xtine presents a special night at The Fortune Cookie Lounge from 7pm to 4am! Five Live Goth & Industrial Bands! Melvin Ylagan – Gothis giveaways and free sketches of the characters after the performance Daegona – The Premiere Performance Whispers of the Sparrows with full…

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