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Ghosting Interview banner Absolution DJ Jason

Interview with Ghosting by DJ Jason

-Interview with Sascha T. of Ghosting- by DJ Jason DJ Jason: Everyone has been wondering for years, what have you been doing since 2004 when you left the music world? Also, have you done anything with music in secret since 2004? Sascha: I’ve always been having these two hearts beating within me: one for the…

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Bloodsucking Mallory interview1

Interview with Bloodsucking Mallory

Bloodsucking Mallory Interview by Kris Hex Arrangement for the Interview by DJ Jason “Millionaire heiress Mallory Murdock was killed in a little town nearly Ford Harris by a gang of some creepy pigs and criminals. They betrayed and killed her in a cruel murder. After that they left her dead in a dark cellar. That is where…

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poser patrol Goth Group

Poseur Patrol

Poseur Patrol is a group dedicated to the revival and reconstruction of the music scenes around the world. From Goth all the way to Punk, Industrial to Metal, Poseur Patrol puts their heart and soul into the music scenes they’re most passionate about, to fix the scene and bring a much needed revival to many…

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Shadow Age 3

Interview with Shadow Age

Shadow Age Interview by Kris Hex Hi guys, for our readers out there, would you mind introducing yourselves? I’m Aaron, I play guitar and sing. Evan plays the drums, Bruce plays the bass, and Davey plays synth. Ok, for those who may not know, the band shares members of Lost Tribe though their sound is…

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Readership Hostile band interview

Interview with Readership Hostile

Readership Hostile Interview by Kris Hex   Alright guys, for the first question, let’s do the usual generic routine and do a roll call for those who are unfamiliar with the band if you please. We are Adrienne Pearson (vocals); Benn Ra (guitar); myself, Paul Rogers (bass); and our new drummer Vince Milanov. Ok onto the…

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Drew "Lippy" Bernstein

RIP Drew “Lippy” Bernstein (of Lip Service)

Drew “Lippy” Bernstein passed away yesterday. Drew “Lippy” Bernstein started, the famous clothing company Lip Service.    It is a clothing company that has deep roots in the punk, hardcore and goth/death rock communities. Well known for their trademark Stretch Fuck ‘N Jeans and “Lords of the New Church” skull dagger prints, Lip Service is still going strong with their online store.…

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Interview with Terminal Gods

Interview With Terminal Gods by Kris Prudhomme ~Accommodations and scheduling for the Interview created by DJ Jason~ Hello guys! Would you mind starting off by introducing yourselves to the readers? I’m Robert Maisey, lead guitarist from Terminal Gods. I live with Josh, our rhythm guitarist, in a flat above a chip shop in North London.…

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MICK MERCER RADIO Broadcast ~an international perspective, with new bands galore alongside classics and curios~ Live Every Sunday night/evening 10pm, UK time. (in NYC and rest of the east coast of the USA, it’s on at 5pm) “I treat my show like a modern magazine, so there’ll be tracks from new albums, EPs and downloads, with…

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Absolution presents the HALLOWEEN BALL & DJ JASON’s Birthday Celebration at THROUGH THE MIRROR on Saturday, October 26th

AbsolutionNYC  presents DJ JASON’s Birthday Celebration & annual Halloween Ball at THROUGH THE MIRROR: DJ JASON (Alchemy, Albion, Albion/Batcave, Wasteland, Long Black Veil, Sundown, The Bank, Incantation …etc.) DJ XTINE  (Lust , Shadowlands, Signal, Flesh Theatre, Cat o’ Nine, La Petite Mort, Incantation, Interim, Limelight, Avalon …etc.)Plus our very Special Guest DJ IAN FFORD  (Albion, Albion/Batcave, Long Black Veil, Sundown, Electra-City, The Bank, Inquisition, etc.) ~Dance all night to Goth, Industrial,…

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