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DJ Ængel Bio

DJ Ængel spins a mixture of Goth and Industrial.  DJ Ængel started spinning as a one time guest at Albion/Batcave in 2000. (DJ Ængel also designed the Albion website, one of the first major goth club websites in the world.)  He used the experience guest DJing at Albion/Batcave to get a slot spinning at DJ Jason‘s Absolution (also, in 2000)…

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DJ Patrick Bio

A well known DJ, DJ Patrick comes from a tradition of NYC pure goth DJs who include, DJ David, DJ Scandal, DJ Vanessa before him and DJ Daniel, DJ Jason and DJ Charlie the Slut after him. Impressively, DJ Patrick has a very long history of working for promoters on Saturdays in NYC.  DJ Patrick was mostly used…

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