DJ Ralph de la Rosa Bio

picture below: DJ Ralph De La Rosa spinning at Absolution @ UC87


DJ Ralph de la Rosa is a new NYC gothic / post punk / 80’s alternative DJ.   DJ Ralph de la Rosa is currently producing a new Wednesday party called Black Lodge at Legion, in Brooklyn, once a month.   DJ Ralph de la Rosa is the main DJ at Black Lodge.

Additionally, Black Lodge‘s club space, Legion, features DJ Christian Serramalera‘s long running (over 6 years) gothic night, A Night of Banshees, once a month also on a Wednesday.  DJ Ralph de la Rosa is a frequent and popular guest DJ at A Night of Banshees.  DJ Ralph de la Rosa has also spun at Absolution at the UC87 location and at The Fortune Cookie Lounge location.

DJ Residency:

  • Black Lodge @ Legion

Special Appearances:

  • Absolution @ UC87
  • Absolution @ Fortune Cookie Lounge
  • A Night of Banshees @ Legion




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