Below picture: DJ Sergio spinning at Absolution @ the Limelight


DJ Sergio started DJing at Exedor Saturdays @ The Bank.  Exedor Saturdays was the longest running gothic party at The Bank and was the most popular gothic party in NYC during the time it existed there.  DJ Sergio was employed as staff at The Bank before he started DJing.  As a friendly “Bar Back”, Sergio picked up the numerous bottles and glassware cast aside.  His friend, DJ Daniel, frequently drove him in to work.  DJ Daniel was The Bank‘s specialist goth room DJ.  DJ Daniel mentored Sergio in DJing teaching him how to use the equipment and allowing him to find his own personal DJ style within the Gothic genre.  When Sergio was ready, DJ Daniel asked him to fill in as substitute (when he was away) and also sometimes had him guest DJ.  DJ Sergio also guest spun at Exedor for DJ Daniel when it was at the Pyramid club.  He, like DJ Daniel, was known for his love of the Traditional and 90s guitar driven Gothic Rock.  DJ Sergio spun for DJ Jason‘s Absolution many times including at CBGBs, Limelight and Flamingo East.