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DJ Ængel spins a mixture of Goth and Industrial.  DJ Ængel started spinning as a one time guest at Albion/Batcave in 2000. (DJ Ængel also designed the Albion website, one of the first major goth club websites in the world.)  He used the experience guest DJing at Albion/Batcave to get a slot spinning at DJ Jason‘s Absolution (also, in 2000) party, and thereafter spun at a great many different parties as a Guest DJ.  In 2004, DJ Paw LeeDJ Templar and DJ Ængel produced and DJed at an event called Uber-Goticsh.  Uber-Goticsh happened twice.  The first Uber-Goticsh was in 2004 at Apocalypse Lounge.   The other Uber-Goticsh was in 2005 at the Pyramid.   Currently, DJ Ængel spins in a solo room at QXT’s, New Jersey’s biggest Goth club.  He also shares a floor with 3 other DJs at Necromantic, an intermittent party in NYC.

Past and Present DJ Residencies:

  • The Court of Gotham
  • The Opium Party
  • Necromantic (ongoing)
  • Ravenholm
  • QXT’s (ongoing)
  • Uber-Goticsh

Special Appearances:

  • Absolution @ CBGB
  • Absolution @ Flamingo East
  • Absolution @ Youth Palace
  • Absolution @ The Annex
  • Abstraction
  • Albion/Batcave @ Downtime
  • Bloody Mondays
  • Byte @ The Delancey
  • Chamber
  • Club Anubis @ Lucky Cheng’s
  • Cybertron @ Don Hill’s
  • Dead Heaven
  • Diabolik @ The Raven Cafe
  • 80′s Reboot
  • Hidden Sanctuary
  • Long Black Veil @ Flamingo East
  • Paradise Lost
  • Red Party @ Orchard Bar
  • Salvation @ Don Hill’s
  • Stimulate
  • Sundown @ Flamingo East
  • Underworld @ The Sullivan Room
  • Wasted