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DJ Paw Lee is from the NYC goth scene.  He spins a mix of New Wave, Goth, Industrial, 80’s, Synth-pop, Electronic & Indie.

DJ Paw Lee spun at Alex Malfunction‘s Paradise Lost party.  It was the first of many events that DJ Paw Lee spun at NYC’s famous Pyramid club.  DJ Paw Lee spun with the industrial DJ, DJ Angztek (then called Moch 1).  Paradise Lost was held at the Pyramid from 1998 to 1999.    Later, DJ Paw Lee spun at a party there called Fusion (2000) and another called Conformity (2001). Conformity also featured two other DJs, DJ Softlord and DJ DRG.  In 2002, DJ Paw Lee produced and DJed a one time event, Asylum, in honor of his birthday.  Also in 2002, DJ Paw Lee spun with DJ Templar for an event called Twisted.  In 2004, DJ Paw Lee, DJ Templar and DJ Ængel produced and DJed at an event called Uber-Goticsh.  Uber-Goticsh happened twice.  The first Uber-Goticsh was in 2004 at Apocalypse Lounge.   The other Uber-Goticsh was in 2005 at the Pyramid.   In 2006, DJ Paw Lee was hired by Pauly NYC to spin a party called Point & Shoot.  Point and Shoot featured DJ Paw Lee with DJ Dr. Avi and DJ DRG.  The party ran for a year at Lucky Chengs.  In 2008, DJ Paw Lee spun for DJ Ian FFord‘s monthly Friday Anubis party.  In 2010, DJ Paw Lee spun for the monthly Saturday party, Arkham, when it was at Public Assembly. That Arkham edition featured resident DJs, DJ Cyclonus, DJ Jose (DJ Xfixiation) and guests, DJ Xtine and DJ Jason.

DJ Paw Lee has spun for Absolution at CBGBs, Flamingo East, Youth Palace and UC87.


DJ Residencies & special appearances:

  • Paradise Lost 1998-1999
  • Fusion 2000
  • Conformity 2001
  • Asylum 2002
  • Twisted 2002
  • Uber-Goticsh 2004 & 2005
  • Point & Shoot 2006-2007
  • Club Anubis 2008
  • Arkham 2010

Personal quote:

“I guess DJing became appealing for me when I first heard mixing by DJ Ian FFord back in 97′. I had been going to Goth clubs for about three years and got use to the whole fade in fade out process of mixing, that hearing Ian beat match Goth, industrial and new wave all came as a shock to me. By that time I had acquired a rather descent CD collection and had been making mixtapes, just really fooling around with music… nothing spectacular, but what I did notice was that whenever I was was hanging out with a friends where there was a tape player, I’d flip on a tape and my friends would be enjoying the music. As time passed I grew to love watching people dance to my mix tapes.  They were enjoying themselves and I was responsible for it. Later that year, one of my closest friends, Jerry, was having a birthday and asked me to DJ.  I did and loved every minute of it.  Now years later, I’m still loving it. I’ve DJed in clubs like Downtime, the Pyramid and CBGB’s.  It even got me wanting to learn sound editing for film. It’s hard to really express my feeling for the art. To be responsible for helping people have a good time. For those of you who love art (photography, painting, drawing, dancing, etc…) think about how you feel when your doing it and then think about how you feel when your commended for doing it. That’s how I feel about DJing.”