Steve Mach Charm School punk

R.I.P. Steve Mach 1959-2011 
Steve was the coolest of the CBGBs punk rock employees. He was the Head Lighting Director there for over ten years. Steve brought together many live shows under the name Action Cat Productions. He was an animal lover and a friend to all cats. He also was one of the regulars at CBGB’s Alchemy Goth event and often requested The Lords of the New Church. Steve’s own bands included, the blondie-eque punk rock band Charm School aka Skrap, the glam rock / new wave band The Vamps & the pop metal/glam rock band Skin & Bones. I’ve included a picture of Steve on stage. I remember he was so proud of this picture at the time.
Goodbye Steve. You are greatly missed.
DJ Jason 


Photo by Matt O’Halloran