R.I.P. DJ Reese

DJ Reese was one of the pioneers of the NYC Goth Industrial scene.  “Borne out of a desperate need for an alternative club in Manhattan”, DJ Reese, Vanessa Miasma and Craig Curiosity created Purgatory at W14th & Washington “Troublemaker” (later to become Mother nightclub) in 1990.  From Purgatory, Reese brought the same team of people  to The Pyramid for Stigmata for every Friday night.  Stigmata was the place to be in the underground scene for 2+ very popular years.  DJ Reese was also talented at bringing great live shows to NYC.  During one New Music Seminar, DJ Reese set a record of over 900 people through the door at The Pyramid.  A well known alternative music DJ, DJ Reese also worked at the Limelight for Communion‘s Utopia, Smack, Troublemaker and other nights.  Those years were the peak for creativity and professionalism in alternative culture at the Limelight.

DJ Reese‘s contribution to NYC alternative nightlife can not be undervalued, since he helped pave the way for all that came after him.  Rest In Peace, DJ Reese.  You are dearly missed.
~DJ Jason 



DJ Reese


October 28th I heard of the most upsetting news I could have possibly heard during the wreck and havoc of Hurricane Sandy.  “Your friend Reese died, did you hear?”

I started spinning in the late 80s and met Reese during that time (might have been 1990).  Reese was an incredible good person and a lot of fun to DJ with.  I remember those years spinning as a regular or guest , we shared turntables a few times (back when it was heavy crates of wax records!) at Michael T’s “New York Nights”, “Communion” or “Disco 2000” at The Limelight, “Troublemaker” at Jackie 60, “Censored” at The Building or  “Damnation” at The Bank.   No matter where I was spinning, Reese tried to come by and say hi for support even if he was spinning later on that evening at some other venue.  (I never did thank you enough for that gift you brought to me when I was spinning at Berlin) .  He was always helpful and very open to sharing some of his favorite mixes with me (Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb come to mind).  One in particular that is “his” mix, I used many of times after and always appreciated his insight to beats, music, etc.

I cherish those years of working with Reese, Samantha, Michael T, Countess Jessica (door bitch), Vanessa Miasma, Craig Curiosity, Michael Alig, Allen Sanctuary and so many more… Back then if you were into Gothic, Industrial, early Electro-Trance or even Punk – you had so many clubs to go to every night to blow off some steam.  Reese was part of  making that culture and we all collectively did something really great back then without even knowing it.

A few month ago, we talked about a possible “Industrial” reunion of sorts here in NYC.  He wanted (after many talks to convince him) to do a night together and maybe invite a bunch of  DJs in the scene from then and now.  It would have been quite the night…

Rest in peace my brother, my life is better for having knowing you…

You are finally free…

 ~Erick, aka Dj.Eritch

Absolution-DJ-Reese-RIP-3.jpgDJ Reese with fans


Limelight Communion Flyers

Reese‘s musical style brought a whole new dimension to the NYC alternative scene. He helped create a cauldron full of good times that will never be matched, and that we won’t ever forget.

~ Vanessa Miasma


Absolution-DJ-Reese-RIP-Limelight-House of Shock.jpgAbsolution-DJ-Reese-RIP-Limelight-Utopia.jpg


Limelight Communion Flyers


DJ Reese with Michael T



Pyramid Stigmata Flyers


DJ Reese with fan

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4 Responses to R.I.P. DJ Reese

  1. wendy franco September 21, 2017 at 8:29 am #

    Reading this brings me back to that amazing time in NY.
    I learned about Reese’s death on my Birthday 10/27 and I never quite worked through it. I had talked to him a week before he passed and had planned to call him back, I never did. I kind of feel like he is still alive, in Kansas somewhere. Because he was so far away we never got to have a memorial, which is crazy because he was such a big part of NYC history. This post is a little memorial. Thanks for that.

    • DJ Jason September 21, 2017 at 10:20 am #

      I am sorry Wendy. It’s so hard.
      Yes, that was a special time in NYC, I agree, and you are very welcome. I am sorry too about the lack of a proper memorial. His life touched so many and his contributions to the scene were great and long lasting.

      • Andre Nogueira-Kourkoulis September 30, 2021 at 12:38 pm #

        I had no idea he passed. I haunted Ward 6, The World, Disco 2000, Berlin barely (too Astoria for me) Reese was a kind Soul. kindred Spirit. Hope your spinning for the Angels!

  2. Marjorie P. July 25, 2020 at 2:11 am #

    Sorry to hear about DJ Reese. Thank you for posting this tribute. I first started coming to the Pyramid Club in 1991 while I attended college. He always spun great industrial music for us. He will be missed.

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