NYC Goth Scene Time Capsule Video from over 20 years ago

In the Limelight‘s green room, Bryin Dall, Kevin Wahlen (RIP) and the rest of the members of Loretta’s doll have an informal talk about the band, and mention and point out many great and influencial people from the NYC’s 90s Goth scene; Chris Walsh (RIP), Eric Hammer & Lisa Hammer from Requiem in White, DJ David (manager of Diamanda Galas and Requiem in White) and Renee from club Darkwave, DJ Nedster, Jenn Bailey, Myke Hideous and Eve from Empire Hideous, etc. Live shows are mentioned at Bennington College, The Rat in Boston and NYC locations like the Pyramid.  Bands like Sunshine Blind and House of Strangers are given good mentions.

Note: this is also the closest thing that can be found to a Requiem in White interview, since they had a policy of “no interviews”.