NYC Goth Scene from 1990 to 2000 ~ a report on a decade of darkwave

Thanks to The Sentimentalist Magazine, we at Absolution have received permission to reprint a wonderful article on the history of the NYC Goth scene from 1990 to 2000.  It is from their Spring/Summer issue IV that was published in the year 2000.  Other articles in the magazine are on Peter Murphy, Gitane Demone, Das Ich and the Shroud, as well as pieces on Art and Fashion, but this featured article is a scene report on the local music of the most important decade for Goth in NYC: the 90s.
In image form, here are the pages from their scene report titled, New York Darkwave 1990 – 2000.  It was written by Madeline Vibasius-Walsh, Cleo & Christopher David.
The article is a great time capsule for that wonderful and lost decade of underground creativity inside of NYC gothic music.   I have added corresponding and relevant flyers, promos and newspaper ads to compliment the pages of reprinted magazine text along with a few photos forthcoming.

page 42 (first page of the article)

A Night of Misanthropy flyer 1992

a Requiem In White sticker

Village Voice newspaper ad for the Limelight

the cover of the Black Ball program

A Night of Misanthropy flyer 1993

Page 43 (the second page of the article)

Sunshine Blind at Alchemy

Empire Hideous at Tilt

Empire Hideous at Alchemy

Empire Hideous on New Year’s Eve

btw, Myke Hideous’s autobiography is available through his sites:, &

Page 44 (the third page of the article)

Spy Society 99 at Alchemy

Mors Syphilitica at Coney Island High (Alchemy Presents)

Mors Syphilitica and Spy Society 99 at CBGBs (Absolution and Alchemy)

Mors Syphilitica at CBGBs

Page 45 (the fourth page of the article)

The Brickbats at Alchemy

Judith at Alchemy

DJ Jason

DJ Jason at Alchemy

Page 46 (the fifth page of the article)

The Wake flyer (frontside) for New Music Seminar

The Skabs at Alchemy

The Skabs at Alchemy

Johnny Indovina and Voltaire at Alchemy

Sofia Run at Alchemy

Page 47 (the sixth page of the article)

Unto Ashes at CBGBs, and Piker Ryan at Alchemy

Dream Into Dust at Alchemy

Figurehead at Alchemy

Piker Ryan’s Folly at Alchemy

Piker Ryan at Alchemy

Page 48 (the seventh page of the article)

Unto Ashes at Alchemy

Johnny Indovina at Alchemy

The Sentimentalist Magazine Issue IV’s cover