Absolution, NYC’s original multi-DJ Goth event, brings you a 9 hour video livestream with special performances by Raven Said and Whispers of the Sparrows.

Raven Said are a leading goth band from Russia, and Whispers of the Sparrows will be remembered by New Yorkers for their support of Star Industry during Absolution’s 14th Anniversary event.

DJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Wasteland, LBV, Communion, etc) will be joined by:

DJ Ian Ford (The BANK NYC, Albion/Batcave, Communion, Electra-City)

DJ Ian Ford was the mainfloor DJ at The BANK’s Saturday event as well as at Downtime thereafter for it’s years as the most well attended Alternative club in NYC. A seasoned nightlife veteran, Absolution is pleased to showcase his darker sides.

DJ ryg1348 (Bathaus, Philadelphia PA)

DJ Xtine (Evil Expo NJ, Witches Ball NYC)

DJ Lady Davinia (Reptile, London UK)

See you there… enjoy the chat room and socializing too. 🙂

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The event is from 6pm to 3am Eastern Time (NYC time)
6pm DJ Lady Davinia

8pm Raven Said (exclusive performance)

8:15pm DJ Xtine

10pm Whispers of the Sparrows (exclusive performance)

10:15pm DJ Jason

12am DJ Ian Ford

1:30-3am DJ ryg1348

~all transition times are approximate and in Eastern Time (NYC time)~