Black Angel: Kiss of Death… Album Review by Tzina Dovve

Tzina Dovve

Black Angel… Kiss Of Death.. One of the best contemporary goth albums of 2020. Following their debut ‘Widow’ last year new London goth rockers have delivered a forty-two minute dark dancefloor treasure. Released just over a month ago, this goth gem (a limited edition of 100 physical copies) is already sold out and a new batch is on its way… 🦇🦇… Frontman and guitarist Matt Vowles has taken the goth music world by storm… 🦇🦇
Kiss Of Death… Ten tracks that will uplift you and bring back the nostalgia of 80’s goth clubs some older goths remember and younger ones wish they had experienced. Matt takes us on a trip down memory lane to the glory days of goth subculture… The mid 80’s…🦇🦇… Leeds to London… 🦇🦇… From the early Sisters years to the flamboyant ‘Floodland’… It’s all here… Kiss Of Death…🦇🦇

Kiss Of Death… A blend of riffy guitars, a steady drum machine and commanding bass lines to die for. The double tracked vocals on this album give it a distinct edge and the female backing vocals very reminiscent of the late Ofra Haza. A very polished sound…🦇🦇
Kiss Of Death… Each track greater than the one before. Each track a catchy goth tune… A gothrock hit… A lovesong… Winklepickers and a mass of teased black hair are back on the dark dancefloor in a cloud of smoke. Crimpers are on fire…🦇🦇

Kiss Of Death… The title track opens its door to this goth haven with a slow and steady atmospheric intro. An explosion of sound follows with catchy lyrics, guitars and a bass line The Sisters would be proud of..More catchy tunes on this album ‘Animal’, the second single , and ‘She Said’ , the latest. A sprinkle of post-punk and dark psychobilly is evident on the tracks ‘Alchemy’ , ‘Prisoner’ and the first single ‘Put Your Lips On Me’…🦇🦇…This dark treasure has it all… Kiss Of Death…🦇🦇
Kiss Of Death… Black Angel… The closing track to this goth haven… A dark intro… The sound of saxophone on this track gives it the sense of awe and mystery accompanied by the haunting voice of Vincent Price…💀💀…The Black Angel is here…💀💀…An ideal way to end this short trip down memory lane..Kiss Of Death…💀💀
Black Angel… Kiss of Death… A must for all music fans of old-school gothrock… Don’t miss it… One of the best contemporary goth albums of 2020…
by Tzina Dovve…🦇💀🦇

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