Absolution, NYC’s original multi-DJ Goth event, brings you an 11 hour video livestream with international Goth DJs and a very special 30 minute performance by Ghosting.

This will be the first performance of any sort by Ghosting in over 17 years!

Also, this will be DJ Lady Davinia’s birthday celebration!

DJ Jason (Alchemy, Absolution, Wasteland, LBV, Communion, etc) will be joined by:

DJ Cavey Nik (Dead and Buried ~ London, UK)

DJ Lord Fer (El Real Under ~ Mexico City)

DJ Xtine (Evil Expo NJ, Witches Ball ~ NYC)

DJ Lady Davinia (Reptile ~ London, UK)

DJ Christian Hyde (El Real Under ~ Mexico City)

See you there… enjoy the chat room and socializing too. 🙂

DJ Jason Website Bio  

DJ Xtine Website Bio

DJ Lady Davinia Website Bio

Click here for the channel

The full schedule in Eastern time:

4pm: DJ Cavey Nik

6pm: DJ Lady Davinia

8pm: Ghosting

8:30pm: DJ Lord Fer

10:15pm: DJ Christian Hyde 

11:45pm: DJ Xtine

1:30am: DJ Jason

2:30: Ghosting performance Replay

So, for the 11 hour special Absolution that is on Friday, there will be DJ Cavey Nik (Nicholas Ransom) joining us spinning from London at 4pm Eastern time (9pm UK time). He is a regular guest for Slimelight and has his own DJ channel as well. Normally, he also has a residency with a club called Dead and Buried. Please give him a fine welcome.

Absolution’s DJ Lady Davina (Tzina Dovve) will also be spinning from London. It will be her Birthday Celebration, so please wish her a very happy birthday in the chat. She will be on at 6pm Eastern (11pm UK time).

The performance will be by Ghosting. It will be the first performance of any sort in over 17 years, so this is very special. Ghosting will be on at 8pm Eastern time. Thank you Sascha Tayefeh

Joining us from Mexico city will be DJ Lord Fer spinning two sets (one Goth and one Wave) on vinyl records from the new EL Real Under club. He will arise from his coffin to spin at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

DJ Christian Hyde, also of El Real Under, will also be spinning from Mexico City. He will be on at 10:15pm Eastern time. We are cheered to present these rare talents from one of the world’s largest goth scenes.

Absolution’s DJ Xtine (Christine) will be spinning at 11:45pm Eastern time. She recently played for Redevamp’s Halloween HorrorExpo on Zoom, is a resident DJ with Evil Expo, The NY Witches Ball, and makes appearances in the NYC area often. Expect a great performance!

Lastly, I (DJ Jason) will be spinning Goth at 1:30am Eastern time, and I will replay the Ghosting performance at the end of the night, as well, for those that missed it!