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Absolution presents: INCANTATION ~ a Goth extravaganza with 5 live performances on Saturday, February 25th

Saturday, February 25th Absolution presents: Incantation – A Goth Extravaganza with 5 live performances  Ignite Violet – the devil’s music Mark Sinnis – the frontman of Ninth House performs his “cemetery and western” songs SYS2MATIK OVRLOAD – ex-Carfax Abbey – industrial, ebm, electronic from PA Alia Lorae – macabre electro rock cabaret 180° Mason – ebm, industrial, darkwave plus, Feb.…

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R.I.P. Jennifer “Miro” Anderson

R.I.P. Jennifer “Miro” Anderson Musician, model and writer, Jennifer Anderson died last month at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. She passed due to cancer. Originally from San Francisco, Jennifer moved to New York and became a long time resident of the Upper West Side where she regularly walked in the park and took photographs. Jennifer Anderson…

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Mick Mercer’s LITTLE BOOK OF PUNK By mick mercer Goth’s most famous and important author, Mick Mercer, has written a new book about Punk Rock.  209 photos, including: Action Pact, Adam & The Ants, The Adverts, Alternative TV, Another Pretty Face, Blondie, Boomtown Rats, Boowy, Brigandage, Captain Sensible, The Carpettes, Charge, Chelsea, The Clash, The…

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R.I.P. Steve Mach

R.I.P. Steve Mach 1959-2011  Steve was the coolest of the CBGBs punk rock employees. He was the Head Lighting Director there for over ten years. Steve brought together many live shows under the name Action Cat Productions. He was an animal lover and a friend to all cats. He also was one of the regulars at CBGB’s Alchemy…

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DJ Wyntre Mysteria Bio

DJ Wyntre Mysteria of Washington, DC Specializing in these Genres: Classic & newer/current Goth, Deathrock, Post Punk, Ethereal, Darkwave, Minimal, New Wave, Coldwave, Horror punk, Dark indie, 80’s Industrial & EBM. Biography Undead, undead, undead from the isolated catacombs under the bustling city of Washington DC, DJ Wyntre Mysteria has definitely shown that Goth is…

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Misery Loves Company T-Shirts

“Misery Loves Company” combines the imagery of Pop Art with classic Horror Icons. Bold colors and large prints are the original trademark, paving the way for a new genre of fashion which creative artist and founder Dani Alienna had dubbed “DeathPop“.

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