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DJ Ængel Bio

DJ Ængel spins a mixture of Goth and Industrial.  DJ Ængel started spinning as a one time guest at Albion/Batcave in 2000. (DJ Ængel also designed the Albion website, one of the first major goth club websites in the world.)  He used the experience guest DJing at Albion/Batcave to get a slot spinning at DJ Jason‘s Absolution (also, in 2000)…

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DJ Jet Bio

DJ Jet has been spinning since 1999.  Through much hard work and perseverance as a producer, promoter and DJ, DJ Jet brought new cyber-industrial techno influenced sounds to a popularity previously unknown in NYC’s goth scene. DJ Jet was a co-producer and DJ at Cybertron, which was a long running NYC cyber clubnight where  he spun…

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DJ Jim Damaged (aka DJ Dandysex) Bio

DJ Jim Damaged (mostly called DJ Dandysex) DJed at two weekly parties at the long running goth bar, The Raven Cafe (which burned down in 2006 due to a gas leak) on Avenue A.  They were Damaged and Diabolik. The Damaged party started on weekly Tuesdays and moved to weekly Wednesdays later after DJ Charlie…

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