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Absolution / Xtine’s Birthday Celebration on Friday, September 16th

Friday, September 16th Absolution NYC’s Original & Best Gothic Industrial Multi DJ Event Xtine’s Birthday Celebration! DJ Xtine (Lust , Shadowlands, Signal, Flesh Theatre, Cat o’ Nine, Avalon …etc.) DJ Jason (Alchemy, Albion, Albion/Batcave, Wasteland, Long Black Veil, Sundown, The Bank …etc.) DJ Charlie the Slut (Exedor, Murder, RIP-tide, Straightjacket, Sanctuary, Wasteland… etc.) DJ Q, Mindsolvent (Albion, Blasphemy, Trans:Mission, QXT’s, The Bank) DJ Grendel (Albion, Albion/Batcave, Duck Bar)…

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Kinetik Festival

Canada’s Kinetik Festival is May 19th through May 23. In addition to the many bands, there will be an international assortment of DJs including NYC’s own DJ Jet, DJ BlackWidow (also of PA), DJ Q, Mindsolvent (also of NJ) & DJ Xris SMack!…  all of whom have spun at Absolution in the past. This is the…

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The Bank 11 year Reunion

The Bank was a NYC club that hosted several weekly mainstream gothic and industrial parties.  Revenge Tuesdays featured DJ Scandal in 1992.  Also in 1992, DJ Father Jeff had Saturday party called Ward 6 that ran for over a year there.  Dale and Laura promoted The Bank’s most successful Saturday party, Exedor, directly after the end of Ward 6.…

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