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DJ Vanessa Bio

Picture below: DJ Vanessa spinning at Absolution at Limelight DJ Vanessa (aka DJ Fraulein Vanessa Misama) is one of the pioneers of NYC’s underground goth scene. DJ Vanessa produced and DJed, the alternative night, Damnation, with DJ Craig Curiosity in 1989.   This caught the attention of DJ Reese (of Limelight‘s famed Communion) who teamed up with them to…

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The Bank 11 year Reunion

The Bank was a NYC club that hosted several weekly mainstream gothic and industrial parties.  Revenge Tuesdays featured DJ Scandal in 1992.  Also in 1992, DJ Father Jeff had Saturday party called Ward 6 that ran for over a year there.  Dale and Laura promoted The Bank’s most successful Saturday party, Exedor, directly after the end of Ward 6.…

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Albion Fridays

After Albion Saturdays ended, this new party was made without the star DJ Ian FFord and industrial floor specialist, DJ Hellraver (aka DJ Bent).  Several beginner and/or untested DJs were drafted (Ravage, StalagMike & Templar ) and other DJs with small roles previously were elevated to the main floor (Rob Xian, Cyn, VooDooRu). Patrick and…

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