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DJ ph0ebus Bio

DJ ph0ebus got his start spinning at Sanctuary Thursdays in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 1997. Sanctuary was Brooklyn’s first successful goth event, created and promoted by DJ Charlie the Slut. DJ ph0beus often shared the DJ rig with other notable DJs including DJ Marc Sane,DJ Vanessa Miasma, DJ Jason, and DJ Marylace. DJ ph0ebus also…

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DJ Vanessa Bio

Picture below: DJ Vanessa spinning at Absolution at Limelight DJ Vanessa (aka DJ Fraulein Vanessa Misama) is one of the pioneers of NYC’s underground goth scene. DJ Vanessa produced and DJed, the alternative night, Damnation, with DJ Craig Curiosity in 1989.   This caught the attention of DJ Reese (of Limelight‘s famed Communion) who teamed up with them to…

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The Black Party

The follow up to Red Party, The Black Party was the largest successful club night since the early days of Communion.  It was held during the net.goth Convergence, but was not part of that Festival.  DJ Jason brought an Absolution style DJ marathon to 3 of the Limelight’s rooms for Father Sebastiaan (a man of…

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The Red Party

The Red party was a great goth industrial and fetish-dance night produced by Father Sebastiaan with help from DJ Jason and Absolution.   The Absolution DJs were great.  The Gomorrah party and DJ Die J! Mars also were involved.  Later, improvements were made resulting in the Black party which was also inside every part of the entire Limelight.  

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