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Interview with Chaos Bleak by Tzina Dovve

Chaos Bleak…🦇🦇… A new act on the UK goth scene… Three old-school goth veterans talk about “the goth days ” and give a deep insight on what their new collaboration is all about…🦇🦇… Chaos Bleak… By Tzina Dovve Tzina: It is well-known that you have quite a long history in the UK goth scene, Trevor,…

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Free Goth CDs

Free Goth CDs The famed Nightbreed Records and Tapes Label is giving away some of their precious old CDs, so get in touch with Trev Bamford (long known for properly educating goths everywhere with his first rate record store & mail order catalog). Click below to get Nightbreed recording artist CDs by: One-Walk the Mercy…

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Darklord Radio with Trev Ghost

Trev Bamford (aka Trev Ghost of the late 80s/early 90s UK goth band, Every New Dead Ghost) of Nightbreed Record and Tapes who ran Carnival of Souls Festival in Derby, England is doing a new radio show on Friday the 9th of March. It will be on US FM station Party 934. His spot (under…

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