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Interview with Brighter Fires

  Interview with Gopal Metro and Andy Deane of the band Brighter Fires by goth DJ Jason for AbsolutionNYC   Hi Gopal, Hi Andy, Thank you for agreeing to this interview.  It’s been a long time coming and I am sure your friends and fans will love hearing your words.   Can you tell us about the…

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Interview with Lestat

Lestat Interview by DJ Jason for AbsolutionNYC   What made you choose your name? Does it have any particular meaning for you or a story behind it’s choice? It does, indeed. At the time that the band was formed, we were all from very diverse places in our lives with many different influences, loves and…

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Interview with Melvin Ylagan

Interview of Melvin Ylagan by DJ Jason for AbsolutionNYC How did you get interested in playing music? For as long as I can remember, and about the same time as I started drawing pictures- around 6 to 7 years old. It just came naturally from singing along to my favorite songs as a child like…

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Darklord Radio with Trev Ghost

Trev Bamford (aka Trev Ghost of the late 80s/early 90s UK goth band, Every New Dead Ghost) of Nightbreed Record and Tapes who ran Carnival of Souls Festival in Derby, England is doing a new radio show on Friday the 9th of March. It will be on US FM station Party 934. His spot (under…

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Don Hill R.I.P.

Don Hill (Donald Mulvihill) has passed away.  He was 66 years old. Don Hill presided over both incarnations of eponymous rock club Don Hill’s which he started in 1993.   It hosted many New York city events, but was best known for the Squeezebox party.   Previous to owning his own club, Don Hill worked at The Cat Club and…

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Radio Ghoul School

Radio Ghoul School is brought to you by a former New Yorker and Absolution DJ, Mark Splatter.  Radio Ghoul School streams deathrock, batcave, gothic rock, post punk, minimal wave, dark alternative/indie and new wave music 24-7.   It is one of the longest running gothic radio stations online.  Mark Splatter‘s Radio Ghoul School has been broadcasting since 2004.

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R.I.P. Korg Founder Tsutomu Katoh

Tsutomu Katoh died last night.  Tsutomu Katoh was a pioneer of electronic music making and marketing.  He was the founder and chairman of Korg. Seiki Kato, the president of Korg, released this statement; Dear Sirs and Madams, I would like to inform you that our founder and chairman Mr. Tsutomu Katoh passed away early this morning…

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