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Now at Club Salon Bordello!

NYC’s Original & Best Multi DJ Gothic Industrial & Wave Event

  • DJ Xtine (Shadowlands, Signal @ The Bank, Signal @ The Pyramid, Flesh Theatre, Lust, Cat o’ Nine, Avalon …etc.)
  • DJ Marius Misery (The Belfry @ The Bank, Stigmata @ The Pyramid, Communion @ Limelight)
  • DJ Jason (Alchemy, Albion, The Bank, Albion/Batcave, WastelandLong Black VeilSundown, Communion, The Court of Lazarus, Incantation…etc.)
  • DJ Heather WhaTever (Situation)
  • DJ ph0ebus (Sanctuary)
  • DJ Paradox (Dark Water)
  • DJ Grendel (Albion, Duck, Veritas)
  • DJ Cub (Panic Lift)
  • DJ Argus (QXTs)
  • DJ Black Dahlia (The Court of Lazarus)
  • and perhaps more DJs TBA!!

spinning the best goth, new wave, punk, 80′s, electro, industrial and death rock!

Strict Dresscode 
$8/ Dressed Up with a Passion- with flyer $10/ Dressed $15/ Street Clothes- non dressed, no effort, etc.
ABSOLUTELY *NO* Khakis, Baseball Caps, Sneakers, Timberlands, etc. NO ‘HOOD WEAR.Absolution moves to a decadent new space in the East Village
Club Salon Bordello
99 2nd street *Upstairs* (between 1 st Avenue and Avenue A, East Village, NYC)
Absolution-NYC-Goth-Club-Flyer-Jan20sliderdoublescythe copy