NYC’s weekly Friday Goth dance event on March 2nd
  • a live performance by gothic artist, Whispers of the Sparrows at 11pm
  • FREE ENTRY with a pass & dressed up before 11pm
  • 2 for 1 Drinks from 10pm to 1am
  • Strict Goth/Alternative Dresscode
 FREE ENTRY with a pass & dressed up before 11pm
$8/ Dressed Up with a Passion- with flyer
$10/ Dressed $15/ Street Clothes- non dressed, no effort, etc.
ABSOLUTELY *NO* Khakis, Baseball Caps, Sneakers, Timberlands, etc, etc. NO ‘HOOD WEAR.
Absolution’s Atlantis is now in a decadent new space in the East Village
Club Salon Bordello
99 2nd street *Upstairs* (between 1 st Avenue and Avenue A, East Village, NYC)