Absolution & Shadowlands present at Through The Mirror


a St. Patrick’s day theme event on Saturday, March 9th

“St. Patrick banished the Snakes from Ireland. We are going to bring them back! A Serpentine Theme rules the evening at this fine Gathering of Gothic Glamour.” -Xtine

B.Y.O.B. Goth Dance event in a Great Private Club Space with an Outstanding Soundsystem and a Profesional Quality Dancefloor!

  • B.Y.O.B. with bartender server, ANGEL (NYC Goth Scene’s original “Angel”), and provided mixers, etc.
  • Plentiful FREE Libations (while supplies last!)
  • Dancing & Revelry
  • Ticket Giveaways to 2  movie flims: Clip and Vanishing Waves both from Artsploitation FilmsVANISHINGWAVES_POSTER_1000px


  • CLIP_POSTER_1000px

Dress Code Suggestions:-  CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE.  Goth, Industrial, Fetish, New Wave,  Deathrock, Armour, Millitary, Medieval, Steampunk, Gypsy, Tango, Tribal, Punk, Glam, Pagan, or Any Combination Of The Above!  MINIMUM OF ALL BLACK.  Let your imagination take control!!  This is a chance to avoid the hastles of a mainstream venue and experience a PURE ARTISTIC SCENE, so be free.  You NEVER HAVE TO BE SUBJECTED TO A MAINSTREAM CROWD at this PURE ALTERNATIVE *PRIVATE*  LARGE DANCEFLOOR VENUE, so keep that in mind when dressing 😉

Additional BRING BACK THE SNAKES dress code suggestions:
Serpentine Dresses, Snakeskin, Scales, Snake Jewelry, Slithery Snakes, Snake Ornaments, Snake printed shirts and Green things.

THE WAY the ~THROUGH THE MIRROR~ B.Y.O.B. WORKS:  Bring your own libations.  Beer, wine, liquor, etc.  When you enter, check them in at the bar station.  The bartender will label your drink with your name and put it away. We will provide cups, ice and some mixers.  When you want a drink, ask the bartender and she will pour your drink for you.  Don’t forget to tip!  This method is much less expensive than at a normal venue where you will pay 5-10 times the cost of the drink.  It also allows you to enjoy the kind of drink YOU like- for instance, I love Southern Teir beers which are NEVER served at a typical venue.  At this sort of party I can enjoy my favorites and introduce people to them as well.  It makes for a more fun time, at a less expensive price. ~Xtine

Doors at 10:30pm
$10 For a limited time Reduced Price Advance Tickets were available here, but $10 advance tickets are now sold out for this event 
$15 at the door
161 west 22nd street (between 6th and 7th ave)