presents DJ JASON’s Birthday Celebration & annual Halloween Ball at THROUGH THE MIRROR:

  • DJ IAN FFORD  (Albion, Albion/Batcave, Long Black VeilSundown, Electra-City, The Bank, Inquisition, etc.)

    ~Dance all night to Goth, Industrial, 80s Retro Alternative, New Wave and New Romantic, and Underground Cult Classics!~


  • BARTENDRIX GODDESS KITTY serves the Masses!
  • Door Host MICHAEL STRANGER mans the Gates!
  • Real Dancefloor quality space with a great real full range CLUB sound system!
  • B.Y.O.B  plus FREE libations 

Dress Code Suggestions:  
Halloween Costumes!   or Goth, Industrial, Fetish, New Wave,  Deathrock, Armour, Millitary Fashion, Medieval, Steampunk, Gypsy, Tribal, Punk, Glam, Pagan, or Any Combination Of The Above!  MINIMUM OF ALL BLACK.  Let your imagination take control!!  This is a chance to avoid the hassles of a mainstream venue and experience a PURE ARTISTIC SCENE, so be free.

~GOTH is always the standard acceptable dress at THROUGH THE MIRROR~

This club night event is never to be interrupted by other non-scene people intruding on the goings on…it’s the goth scene’s secret venue, hidden behind a little Shop on 22nd and 7th, the perfect place for guys and ghouls to play while having a huge real dance floor and awesome full range sound system!

161 West 22nd street, Manhattan, NYC
(nearer to the corner of 22nd st and 7th ave)
Doors open at 10:30pm
$15 at the door, $10 in advance

 Advance Ticket Link ~ Click Here for Advance Tickets!

Absolution-NYC-Goth-Club-Event-Flyer-Halloween2013slider.jpgModel: Elisanth