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A browsable index of all DJs who have performed at DJ Jason’s events

DJ Grendel Bio

DJ Grendel is best known for his lengthy time at Albion Saturdays @ Downtime where he started the night every week spinning New Wave & Synthpop in the smallest room upstairs before either DJ Patrick or DJ Jason* spun Goth.  DJ Cyn or DJ Father Jeff closed the night spinning the last 45 minutes in…

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DJ Ana Vice Bio

DJ Ana Vice  produced, promoted and DJed a Brooklyn party called Wonderland. Wonderland was at The Pour House from 1999 to 2001.  She also worked for Cliff Hartleigh Low’s Tragedy and Travesty parties and has had many guest appearances. DJ Ana Vice spins Traditional Goth and Death Rock exclusively.

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DJ Audiophile Bio

DJ Audiophile started spinning with DJ Jet at the Cybertron party in 2002.  Together, they helped bring new cyber-industrial techno influenced sounds to a popularity previously unknown in NYC’s goth scene. He is known for his love of electronic equipment (hence the DJ name) and Electro, Synthpop, Newave, 80’s, EBM, EDM, Hard House, Hard Tek, Electronica,…

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DJ Ash Bio

New York City’s most beloved New Wave and Synthpop DJ, DJ Ash started spinning at The Far Side with DJ Cesar (of Detour) for Re:Mission in 1995.  Re:Mission later moved to the Pyramid club on Thursdays where it became one of the longest running scene parties.  DJ Ash is no longer spinning there, but his…

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DJ Angztek Bio

An Industrial DJ, DJ Angztek started spinning at the Pyramid for DJ Xtine‘s Signal party as DJ Moch 1. It was 1998 at the Pyramid.  Signal was NYC’s first strictly pure industrial club.  Later from 1998 to 1999, DJ Angztek spun with DJ Paw Lee at The Pyramid club for Alex Malfunction‘s Paradise Lost party.…

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DJ Al.X Bio

DJ Al.X is mostly known for his work with Polina and the Drop Dead Festival which he helped coordinate for the years that it was in New York City (beginning in 2002).  He is a Trad. Goth and Death Rock DJ with no residencies at this time.

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DJ BlackWidow Bio

DJ BlackWidow is currently spinning at Refraktion in Philadelphia.  She is known for spinning Industrial and has been a NYC DJ in the past at events such as London Calling.  She commutes to spin at DefCon often and has been a part of the Reform School Girls theme night since it’s beginning.

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DJ Carlos D. Bio

DJ Carlos is best known for his involvement with the band Interpol, but he was an Absolution DJ in 1998.  He also spun at his NYU radio show, Theatrum Ethereum and at St. Mark’s Nether party with DJ Delchi.

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