Interview with Ground Nero by Tzina Dovve

photograph by Luc Luyten / Who Cares ~arrangements for the interview by Tzina Dovve for Absolution.NYC~ Tzina Dovve Tzina: As l understand Ground Nero have been active since 2015. How was the band formed and what is the current line-up? As for many bands, the beginning was a little difficult, as Nomad was looking for…

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Interview with Sonsombre by DJ Jason

Hello Brandon, thanks for sitting down with us and answering another round of questions for this 2nd interview with Absolution. The new album, The Veils of Ending, has to be the best new American goth album in a very long time. It’s been fantastic watching Sonsombre catch on with new people everywhere. How does it feel…

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Grooving in Green

Grooving in Green- A Second Chance

“Grooving in Green- A Second Chance… A Second Chance… is the third album from Grooving in Green and the first to be recorded with the full band line up. Written and recorded between 2016-2018, produced by Simon Rippin – it features the single “A Little Soul” and will be released on Friday June 21st 2019.…

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Johnathan-Christian-Make America Goth Again

Johnathan|Christian release third album “Dark Hallways”

Johnathan|Christian release third album “Dark Hallways” DARK WAVE TRIO JONATHAN/CHRISTIAN RELEASE THIRD ALBUM DARK HALLWAYS ON MAY 10TH, 2019! NEW MUSIC, TWO COVERS, AND BONUS REMIXES! Website: jchristianmusic.com Facebook:  facebook.com/jchristianmusic Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jchristianmsuic PR Contact: johnathan@jchristianmusic.com 05/06/2019- Los Angeles Transatlantic Dark Wave trio Jonathan/Christian is pleased to announce the release of its third album, Dark Hallways,…

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