Absolution ~ 11 hour Goth Livestream with Bilian and Z73 on September 3rd

Absolution brings you a special 11 hour Goth livestream with exclusive performances by: Bilian (New York)andZ73 (Sweden) and international Goth DJs: DJ Jason (alchemy, visitation ~ usa) DJ Lady Davinia (reptile ~ england) DJ Xtine (ny witches ball ~ usa) DJ Jo The Waiter (slimelight ~ england) DJ Luna (qxt’s ~ usa) DJ Lord A…

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Absolution ~ 11 hour Goth livestream with The Rain Within and ²³INTELLIGENTLIGHT²³

Friday, July 2nd, Absolution ~ NYC’s original multi-DJ Goth event, brings you a special 11 hour video livestream with great international Goth DJs and exclusive performances by:–The Rain Withinand ²³INTELLIGENTLIGHT²³plus, Goth DJs:-DJ Jason (Alchemy – NYC / Visitation – FL US etc) will be joined by:-DJ Christian Hyde (El Real Under ~ Mexico City)-DJ Xtine…

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Set of three small soaps

The Scent of a Song, by Beautiful Freak Cosmetics

Synæsthesia is the experience of sensory overlap. When you listen to your favorite music, and close your eyes, do you see certain colors? Can you imagine sounds in response to a favorite painting? Do you ever imagine what something might feel like, just from seeing or hearing it? Do you associate certain numbers or letters…

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Interview with Rene from Dark Malta Festival by Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )

Interview with Rene from Dark Malta Festival by Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )… Dark Malta……A relatively new and growing festival to emerge on the dark/goth/industrial scene in the heart of the Mediterranean…Malta…Dark Malta……Rene Hades Ferrugia, founder and organizer, reveals all about this dark celebration…by Tzina Dovve ( DJ Lady Davinia )…… Tzina: Dark…

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