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Ash Code band Press Photo

Interview with Ash Code

Ash Code Interview by Kris Hex (arrangements for the interview made by DJ Jason) “Hailing from Italy, this dark trio combine the best of dark synth, darkwave and the more eerie varieties of electro to bring something unique ina musical landscape otherwise overrun with mindless pop, musicians that don’t write their own songs and social…

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Momento Mori December 2015

Recommended: Momento Mori

Recommended event: Momento Mori on December 3rd in NYC DJ StalagMike, DJ Valefar Malefic, DJ Bela Lugosi Alex and DJ Ana Vice spin Goth, Darkwave, Death Rock and “Post Punk” at this Multi-DJ dark danse social event. at Bedlam 40 ave. C Free from 10pm to 3am

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Shadow Age 3

Interview with Shadow Age

Shadow Age Interview by Kris Hex Hi guys, for our readers out there, would you mind introducing yourselves? I’m Aaron, I play guitar and sing. Evan plays the drums, Bruce plays the bass, and Davey plays synth. Ok, for those who may not know, the band shares members of Lost Tribe though their sound is…

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Interview with Lestat

  Interview with Lestat by Kris Prudhomme ~Accommodations and scheduling for the Interview created by DJ Jason~ Hello Evan, how are you doing today? Mind doing a bit of an intro for the band for readers outside the goth scene? We’ve got a diverse readership here so it’s a good chance to get those who may not…

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Shadowplay Radio on Catherdral 13 Radio

Shadowplay is hosted by Anita Nervosa and Michelle (Bichos Bichos), playing Goth Rock, Darkwave, Deathrock and Coldwave. Formerly ‘Blood & Black Dahlias‘, Shadowplay has been on South Australian airwaves since 1996.   In 2011 Shadowplay joined Cathedral 13 Radio to broadcast to an international audience every Sunday. Playlists and other information are on the Shadowplay blog.   Also…

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La Petite Mort on November 15th

Le Petite Mort Come dance on Thursday, November 15th Goth, Darkwave, Synthpop, New Wave, & Cult Classix DJ XTINE  (Lust , Shadowlands, Signal, Flesh Theatre, Cat o’ Nine, Limelight, Avalon, Through The Mirror …etc.) DJ JASON (Alchemy, Albion, Albion/Batcave, Wasteland, Long Black Veil, Sundown, The Bank, Incantation, Through The Mirror …etc.) live performance by Garek ~ innovative industrial dance ~ at 10pm ~ live performance by Ignite Violet ~ goth, punk,…

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Le Petite Mort on Thursday, October 4th

Goth, Darkwave, Synthpop, New Wave, & Cult Classix Le Petite Mort on Thursday, October 4th DJ Jason (alchemy) & DJ Xtine (cat o’ nine) spin! Free Drinks! OPEN BAR from 12 to 12:30 NO COVER ~ Le Petite Mort is FREE ALL NIGHT Doors open at 11:30pm LIT (basement level) 93 2nd Avenue (btwn 5th and…

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Incantation on June 2nd ~ featuring 6 live shows including Lestat!

Saturday, June 2nd ~ 6 great live shows! Incantation ~ Saturday Goth night Spectacular with the legendary 80’s goth band, LESTAT! ~ NYC’s Goth-Festival style event! LESTAT  ~ the original early goth darkwave band from Ohio Necromantik Sunshine  ~ Trad. Goth from PA The Drowning Season ~ Trad. Goth from Baltimore, Maryland Glitter Freeze  ~ Synth-Rock from Brooklyn Monikker…

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Absolution-NYC-Goth-Club-Interview-Lestat - Arisen Lo-Rez.jpg

Interview with Lestat

Lestat Interview by DJ Jason for AbsolutionNYC   What made you choose your name? Does it have any particular meaning for you or a story behind it’s choice? It does, indeed. At the time that the band was formed, we were all from very diverse places in our lives with many different influences, loves and…

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Absolution presents: Atlantis with a CD record release party for Midnight Caine on Friday, November 4th

Friday, November 4th Absolution presents: Atlantis DJ Xtine (Shadowlands, Signal @ The Bank, Signal @ The Pyramid, Flesh Theatre, Lust, Cat o’ Nine, Avalon …etc.) DJ Jason (Alchemy, Albion, The Bank, Albion/Batcave, Wasteland, Long Black Veil, Sundown, Communion, Incantation…etc. spinning the best goth as well as some new wave, punk, 80′s, electro, industrial and death rock! The Official NYC CD Record Release Party for Forevermore by the Swedish Goth…

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