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DJ Peter (aka DJ Holikarus) Bio

  DJ Peter (also called DJ Holikarus) started spinning with DJ Jarek in NYC at the Raven Cafe for The Other Side.   The Raven Cafe was the favored Gothic Bar on Ave. A. in Manhattan’s East Village for the whole time that it existed (it closed due to explosive gas leak/fire in early 2006).   The Other…

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Albion Fridays

After Albion Saturdays ended, this new party was made without the star DJ Ian FFord and industrial floor specialist, DJ Hellraver (aka DJ Bent).  Several beginner and/or untested DJs were drafted (Ravage, StalagMike & Templar ) and other DJs with small roles previously were elevated to the main floor (Rob Xian, Cyn, VooDooRu). Patrick and…

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DJ Delchi Bio

DJ Delchi guest DJed at famous NYC venues such as Downtime, CBGBs, The Bank, Webster Hall and Mother. DJ Delchi started DJing at Kelly Grave‘s Parallax at the Wreck Room.  DJ Delchi had also worked the door at Parallax and it was at Parallax that he first met DJ Jason.   DJ Delchi spun as a resident DJ at the famous and renown Long Black Veil Thursday event in it’s earliest days and at the Fang Club Thursday event…

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