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Dr. Avi ~ RIP Avi

R.I.P. Avi Berkovitch aka DJ Dr. Avi

Rest In Peace Avi Berkovitch Professionally, Avi Berkovitch was known as Dr. Avi, a former member of both the long running NYC Goth band Bitter Grace and the Electro Industrial Rock band Nekronet.  Avi was also an avid club-goer and a frequent guest DJ at Absolution during the later time periods. Gone much too soon. …

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Alex RIP Plaque

R.I.P. Alex Von Nihil

R.I.P. Alex Von Nihil by DJ Luna What can you say when there are no words? What can you do when there is nothing that will take away the sorrow and pain? Here we are lost, devastated, and grief stricken over the loss of our beloved friend Alex. I would like to ask that we…

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Voe, Angels of Liberty

R.I.P. Voe Saint-Clare

We at Absolution have learned through Rod Hanna of the passing of our mutual friend, Voe Saint-Clare, the lead singer and driving force behind Angels of Liberty.   While he had been sick for a very long time, we were not expecting this.  He passed in April 18th of 2017, but it wasn’t publicized. RIP Voe. …

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RIP Brian Bordello

R.I.P. Brian Bordello of Necromantik Sunshine

R.I.P. Brian Bordello of Necromantik Sunshine Brian Ring, professionally known as Brian Bordello, passed away this morning of February 20th, 2015 when his heart failed at 1am.   Brian was the lead singer of Necromantik Sunshine, a goth band formed in 1997.    ↑ Above: Brian Bordello with his Necromantik Sunshine band mates and the Ohio…

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Mike Scaccia RIP

R.I.P. Mike Scaccia ~ the guitarist for Ministry

Mike Scaccia, the guitarist for Ministry and Rigor Mortis, was pronounced dead on Saturday night at the age of 47. Scaccia had been at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas, performing for the 50th birthday celebration for Bruce Corbitt (the singer for Rigor Mortis). He collapsed and was quickly brought to a hospital. Shortly…

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R.I.P. Steve Mach

R.I.P. Steve Mach 1959-2011  Steve was the coolest of the CBGBs punk rock employees. He was the Head Lighting Director there for over ten years. Steve brought together many live shows under the name Action Cat Productions. He was an animal lover and a friend to all cats. He also was one of the regulars at CBGB’s Alchemy…

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Don Hill R.I.P.

Don Hill (Donald Mulvihill) has passed away.  He was 66 years old. Don Hill presided over both incarnations of eponymous rock club Don Hill’s which he started in 1993.   It hosted many New York city events, but was best known for the Squeezebox party.   Previous to owning his own club, Don Hill worked at The Cat Club and…

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